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8 Questions to Ask Deck Builders in Greensboro NC

Sorting through the numerous deck builders Greensboro NC has to offer can be extremely time consuming. Once you think you’ve found a list of suitable deck builders in Greensboro, you should call or meet with each of them to discuss the vision of your deck. Aside from discussing the specific customizations of your deck, here are eight questions you should ask a deck builder!

1.) How long have you been in this business?

While time is not always an indication of skill, some people prefer deck builders who have been in the game for a long time. This is also a good question to spark a conversation about a deck builder’s business history. But, it’s important to remember that some of the best deck builders Greensboro NC has ever known have only been around for a few years or so.

2.) Do you have the proper certification?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask a deck builder. While most of the renowned and popular deck builders in Greensboro are properly certified, statistics show there will be at least a few that don’t have the proper certification. Remember, you’re looking for a deck builder that has a license and insurance. If they don’t have the proper license and insurance, you could be held liable for anything wrong that happens on the job, such as damages.

3.) Can I contact any of your references?

Any of the renowned deck builders Greensboro NC homeowners recommend will have no problem with giving you a list of their references you can contact. It’s important to note that newer deck builders in Greensboro may not have a list of references due to being new in the industry, or due to them simply not knowing that a list of references is a good thing to have. In that case, look for reviews and testimonials about the contractor in question.

4.) Do you use an on-site supervisor?

While on-site supervisors aren’t necessary, they are a great addition. In fact, many of the highest rated deck builders Greensboro NC has to offer use an on-site supervisor. This is to ensure the quality and safety of the labor and your deck.

5.) Do you give warranties?

Like having an on-site supervisor, giving a warranty is not a requirement, but it’s a phenomenal addition. After all, if something happens to your deck that is largely due to the contractor’s negligence or bad workmanship, you should be able to have it fixed free of charge.

6.) What material options do you have?

Deck builders in Greensboro NC use a variety of materials. Certain deck materials require specially trained professionals to handle them. So, make sure the deck builder you’re interested in can provide you with the desired materials and use them effectively and properly.

7.) How long will it take to build the deck?

While time is an important factor when reviewing decking contractors in Greensboro NC, it is often overlooked. A deck shouldn’t take six months to build. In fact, a deck is a standard fundamental of construction and should be able to be quickly produced. The most skilled deck builders Greensboro NC residents recommend will be able to build your deck within a short amount of time.

8.) When can you start?

This should be the last question you ask a potential deck builder. Like any other professional, deck builders in Greensboro, NC have a schedule. They may be busy for the certain time you want your deck built. This can ultimately help you decide which deck builder to choose.

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